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Políticas de privacidad

Última actualización el 13 de Julio 2022

Your privacy, your rights and our commitment

We use your personal data to create tools that help make your everyday life easier.
We tell you what we do with your data.

Learn about our privacy protection principles

We are transparent

In a plain and simple way, we explain to you which use we give to your data,
how and why we process your data and who we can share your data with.

We create value

We process your data responsibly to provide you with personalized services.
For example, we use your geolocation to offer you services close to your location.

We work with quality

We strive to process accurate, timely and high quality data. For example, we store your data and update it on all our platforms,
your purchases arrive safely and you avoid filling out forms.

We protect your data

We protect your personal data with the highest security standards. We do not commercialize your data.

We process data for a limited period of time

We keep your data only for as long as necessary to simplify the way you use our products.
After that, your data is deleted or anonymized.

Your data through all our platforms

We appreciate you for choosing us and for using our services.
We would like to explain to you what we do with the data that you share with us.

When you register on any of our platforms, you generate a user that allows you to operate on all the others. We want you to sell, buy, and so on, as quickly and easily as possible. This is why we have integrated your information in all the products comprised in clicOH: clicOH Partners, clicOH Sellers, Classified Ads, Advertising, clicOH Platform

For more details about the use of our platforms, visit Terms and Conditions.

We use your data to create your experience

We rely on your data to offer you a personalized experience so that you can enjoy our services and we can improve them continuously. Giving your personal data is not mandatory but it is a requirement to use our services. If the information you provide is not accurate, we cannot give you the best experience.

If you provide inaccurate or false information, the services we provide may be suspended or your account disabled. Please note that we may suspend or disable your account if you do not comply with the Privacy Notice or the website Terms and conditions of use.

Your privacy: What rights do you have?

You have the rights of access, to update, rectification and confidentiality about your personal data. You can also request that we stop sending you advertising, offers and promotions, erase your data and object to the usage of your data for one or more purposes. Each country’s legislation has a different approach to these rights, so we recommend that you read the annex that corresponds to the country where you live.

To comply with any measure stated in the privacy notice or due to a legal duty, it is possible that we may have to store some of the personal data that you have asked us to erase. After those requirements are met, we will erase your data.

Online privacy requires a joint effort of companies and users. We have strong security measures to protect your data. We need you to take care of your privacy, too.

If you want to file a complaint on how we process your personal data, you can access the channels offered by the company, and if such complaint is not resolved after making use of all the resources offered by clicOH, you can contact the data protection authority that may correspond to your country. In the annex for your country you can find more information on who to file a complaint with, how to file this complaint and how to exercise your rights.

What data do we process and how do we do it?

This is how we collect your data:

When you register or give information using the platform.
Automatically, just like when you browse our pages.
From reliable sources (service providers or commercial allies we work with, credit bureaus, public bodies).

Types of data we collect:

Nickname or pseudonym.
Name and photo.
Contact information (telephone number, address, email address, etc.).
Equity and financial data
Payment methods.
Intellectual property rights.
Information of the device you use to access and IP address.
Contacts lists.
Links between accounts and users.
Transactional information and movements within our platforms.
Information about your location.
Certain information about users’ and visitors’ activity within our website and apps.

What data do we collect and process?
What do we use your data for?

Processing your information is the basis for giving you an excellent service, so that you can carry out operations quickly and safely and enjoy the functionalities that best adapt to your needs.
Here are some of the purposes for this data processing:

Provide the products, services and/or benefits offered by the clicOH platforms ( clicOH Partners , clicOH sellers).
Improve our services, develop new ones and offer a better experience with clicOH.
Disseminate advertisements and advertising and promotional contacts adapted to your interests.
Prevent fraud, abuse and related crimes to protect your safety and the sustainability of our entire ecosystem.
Protect your rights, the rights of other users and the rights of our company.
Collaborate with the owners of intellectual property in the exercise of their rights.
Comply with legal obligations and requirements from competent authorities.

How we share your data

Your personal data is protected. We do not sell or commercialize data that may identify you. Nor do we share or otherwise transfer your personal data to third parties, with the exception of service providers (third parties that we contract to provide a service following our instructions), commercial allies, other companies in our group, other users, competent authorities, among others.

How we use cookies at clicOH

They help us to understand your interests and how you are browsing our site in order to provide you with a personalized experience and:
– Show you advertising and relevant opportunities to you.
– Improve our offers and services.
– Prevent you from having to enter your email, password or mobile phone to log in to your account every time you visit us from your usual devices.
– Strengthen our site security.

If you do not agree with our use of cookies, you can change your cookie preferences from the privacy section. We will apply the changes you make from your account in the browsers where you log in.

Note that if you change your cookies preferences without loging in to your account, they will be saved only on this browser. You may see our cookie notice again if you change browsers or devices.
You can also manage the use of cookies from the browser you normally use:

Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Safari / Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge / Opera

If you disable certain cookies, you may not be able to use some features of our websites.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

If we make changes to the way we process your data, we will notify you through our regular channels, such as email or messages through our applications. In the cases where your approval is necessary, we will get in touch with you through these channels so that you can decide if you give us your consent.